YRE Partnership Agreement

Partnership between Congregation and YRE.


YRE will be inaugurated in phases. The program will begin with three congregations: Olympia Brown Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Our Savior Lutheran Church; and St. Andrew Lutheran Church. We are currently seeking four congregations to begin the second phase.


An agreement will be made between YRE and each of these churches, with pastor, governing body, and youth leader of each congregation signing on to the program.


What will the YRE overall program provide?

   YRE will provide overall structure and organization to the program.

   YRE will provide training sessions: to discuss the foundations of faith and a second to provide hands-on training for energy reduction—assessments and installation.

   YRE will provide a list of energy-reduction products for the home, a process to purchase the products, and the means of delivery.

   YRE will provide a kit of the actual products on the list for demonstration to members by the youth.

   YRE will also return 5% of the proceeds of the sales to each participating congregation.

   YRE will seek funds to support and expand the program and also to provide support for needy families to participate in the program. 


What will each participating congregation be expected to provide?

   Each congregation will provide an overall agreement to participate in the program, work with the local YRE director, and encourage the youth to participate.

   Each congregation will articulate their religious and other reasons for participating and will promote these reasons in the congregation.

   Each congregation will recruit the participating youth from their congregation and provide an adult leader to organize and guide the program at the congregational level.

   Each congregation will encourage its members to respond to the request of their youth to offer energy assessments, purchase energy-reducing products for their homes, and work with the youth in the installation of these products.

   Each congregation will determine the way in which the funds that come back to the congregation will be used.

   Each congregation will also provide people with an opportunity to donate funds or products for needy families.


We invite congregations and individuals who would like to be part of this program to contact the director, Melissa Taylor at the HOPES Center.