YRE Mission Statement

Youth Restoring Earth

A Program of Green Energy Agents


YRE is a program engaging youth of Racine to bring responsible environmental products and practices into the homes of our community.


Goal: To reduce energy use and lower the carbon footprint of residents of Racine, [eventually expanding to other environmental products such as green cleaning products.]


Strategy: To train the youth in faith-based congregations of Racine to make an energy assessment, to promote and sell products to reduce energy, and to assist people in placing these products in their homes. [Eventually to expand to schools and other organizations.]


Means: Work as a pilot program of the national initiative Green Energy Agents.


Financial support: Seek support from local companies, funding agencies, partnerships, , schools, and religious institutions.



  1. Reduce energy consumption and save money for residents.
  2. Reduce the overall carbon footprint of the city and restore the health of Earth.
  3. Strengthen a sense of community through youth initiatives.
  4. Train youth in leadership skills for promoting products and sustainability.
  5. Deepen the understanding and commitment to care for Earth.


Faith-based Program

YRE will work with youth groups in local congregations:

  1. The congregation will approve the participation
  2. The youth leader and the youth will agree to participate
  3. YRE will provide training and mentoring
  4. The youth will arrange to work with members to

a.       Promote the program and benefits

b.      Do assessments of the home to recommend and sell products

c.       Assist in installing products where needed.

  1. The congregation/ youth will receive a portion of the proceeds


Green Energy Agents is a pilot program in Racine. At the national level, GEA is represented by Celia Canfield and Mary Ann Gallagher, both of California, and Patricia Katherine Novick of Chicago. At the local level, GEA is represented by the YRE steering committee currently comprised of Pastor Michael Miller, Tracy Polzin, David Rhoads, and Melissa Taylor. The local director for the Racine program is Melissa Taylor.