YRE Home Survey



Answer (Choose one box)




What type of structure do you live in?

Apartment – More than 5 units (10 points)


Duplex – Fewer than 5 units (5 points)


Condominium or town home (2 points)


Single Family dwelling (0 points)



How many people live in your home?

5 or more (5 point)


2-4 (2 points)


I live by myself (0 points)


How many bedrooms do you have?

Studio or 1 bedroom  (3 points)


2-3 bedrooms  (2 points)


4+ bedrooms  (0 points)


Do you or your family own your home or apartment?

Yes  (1 point)


No (0 point)



How often do your turn lights off when you leave a room?

Nearly always (3 points)


Sometimes (0 points)


I leave lights on frequently (-2 point)


How many of your light bulbs have CFLs or LEDs?

All are CFLs or LEDs (4 points)


Some are CFLs or LEDs (1 point)


None are CFLs or LEDs (0 points)


How often do you only use “task lighting” (desk lamps, small reading lights, etc.) instead of lighting the whole room?

Whenever possible (2 points)



Sometimes (1 point)



I never use task lighting (0 points)


How often do you use natural light instead of electric light?

Every chance I get (2 points)


Sometimes (1 point)


Never (0 point)





What type of heating does your home have?

Radiant floor heating (5 points)


Forced air furnace (2 points)


Radiator (1 point)


Gas wall heater(s) (1 point)


Electric space heating (1 point)


I don’t know  (0 points)


Do you have heating controls in every room?

Yes (3 points)


Area controls (several rooms) (2 points)


One central control (0 points)







Does your home have a fireplace?  If so do you use it?

No or we do not use it and keep flue closed or we have a Chimney Balloon (3 points)


Yes – use it regularly and always close the flue when not in use (3 points)


Yes – use regularly and sometimes we remember to close the flue when not in use (0 Points)


(Yes – but we never use it and what is a flue (-5 points)


During the winter months, how often do you put on extra layers of clothes before turning up the thermostat?


Always put on extra layers of clothing before turning on heat (5 points)


Sometimes, if I am in the mood. (2 points)


Home is cozy.  The heater is always on? (-2 points)


In the winter, where is your thermostat set when the family is home?

60 - 65 degrees  (3 points)


65-72 degrees ( 0 points)


72 and above (-3 points)




In the summer months, how often do you use an air conditioner?

Never use it – open windows instead (3 points)


Sometimes – if it is really hot out (0 points)


It runs all the time even if it is nice outside (-3 points)


In the summer, where is your thermostat set when the family is home?

76 and above (3 points)


70-76 (0 points)


69 and below (-3 points)


Air Sealing


How drafty is your home?

Not drafty – very air tight (4 points)


Some rooms are hotter or colder than others (0 points)


Extremely drafty- I feel cold air (-3 points)


How many of your doors that lead to the outside have weather-stripping?

All of them (4 points)


Some of the doors (2 points)


None of the doors (0 points)



Is the weather-stripping effective?



Some of the doors seal tightly (1 point)


None of the doors seal tightly (0 points)


How many of your windows have weather-stripping?

All of the windows seal tightly (3 points)


Some of the windows seal tightly (1 point)


None of the windows seal tightly (0 points)


Is the weather-stripping effective?

Yes (3 points)



No (0 points)




How many layers of glass do your windows have?

Dual pane (4 points)



Some single pane, some dual pane (1-3 points)


Single pane (0 points)





How many of your windows have curtains and/or blinds you use for heat or cooling?

All of the windows (2 points)


Some of the windows (0 point)


None of the windows (-2 point)



Do you have to wait a long time for hot water to get to any of your showers?

5 – 10 seconds (3 points)


10 – 30 seconds (0 points)


More than 30 seconds (-3 points)


How hot do you keep your water heater?

When only hot is on, it is not too hot(3 points)


Need to add some cold to hot to have it comfortable (1 points)


Hot only is too hot to touch  (0 points)


Is your hot water insulated or does it have a blanket?

Yes (3 points)


No (0 points)


How much time do you spend in the shower?

5 minutes or less (6 points)


6 to 10 minutes (2 points)


More than 11 minutes (-1 point)


How often do you take baths instead of showers?

Rarely (2 points)


Sometimes (0 points)


I take baths regularly (-1 point)


Do your showers have efficient flow showerheads?

All of the showers (5 points)


Some of the showers (0 points)


None of the shower (-1 point)



Do you have an efficient flush toilet?

All of the toilets (3 points)


Some of the toilets (0 points)


None of the toilets (-1 point)


I don’t know (0 points)


If you don’t know about your toilet, how old is it?

Less than 5 years  (3 points)


More than 5 years, with modifications (1 point)


More than 5 years without modifications (-1 point)


Does your toilet leak?

No (5 points)


Yes (0 points)


Do you have efficient flow faucet aerators installed?

All of the faucets (3 points)


Some of the faucets (0 points)


None of the faucets (-1 point)



Do you use a garbage disposal?

Never or rarely (3 points)


Occasionally (2 points)


Always (-3 points)



Do you have landscaping (large shade trees, hedges, etc. providing your home with shade?

Yes (2 points)


No (0 points)


Do you have drought resistant, local, native plants in your yard?

Most or all (5 points)


Some (1-3  points)


No  (0 points)





Do you have your own vegetable garden?

Yes (5 points)


No (0 points)


How often do you water your lawn?

Never (5 points)


Rarely (1 point)


Frequently (1-point)


What type of irrigation system do you use?

Grey water/rain harvesting system (5 points)


Drip system on a controlled timer (3 points)


Lawn sprinkler (0 points)




Does your home currently have renewable sources of energy?  Examples would be solar thermal systems, photovoltaic panels, wind turbines, etc?

Yes (15 points)


No (0 points)




Do you have a computer?

No computers at home (1 point)


Laptop (0 points)


Desktop (-1 point)


When not in use, do you turn your computer off or put it in sleep mode?

Yes – always turn it off when not using (2 points)


Sometimes (0 points)


No (-1 point)




How many TVs do you have?

None (2 point)


1-2 (0 points)


3 or more (-3 point)



How many hours are they on?

1 – 2 hours per day (1 point)


2 – 6 hours per day (-1 points)


Most waking hours (-3 points)


Are any of the TVs in your home flat screens?

No  (1 point)


Yes but  Energy Star (1 points)


Yes not energy Star (-2 points)



How many gaming systems do you have connected to your TVs

0 (1 point)


1-2 (0 points)


3 or more (-1 point)


If you have at least one gaming system do you turn it off when you are done playing?

I always turn it off (1 point)


Sometimes if I remember (0 points)


I leave it on (-1 points)




Where is the thermostat in your refrigerator set?

Right I the middle of the dial (5 points)


A little on the cold side (2 points)


As cold as it will get (-2 points


How often do you dust under and around the refrigerator

2-3 times per year (3 points)


Maybe once a year (1 point)


Never (-1 point)





How old is your refrigerator?

New – less than 5 years old (3 points)


Not that old – 6-10 years (2 points)


Really, really old (0 points)


How well stocked do you keep your refrigerator?

Almost always completely packed (3 points)


Usually has a few things in it (2 points)


Almost empty (1 point)


How many refrigerators do you have plugged in?

1 (5 points)


2 (0 points)


3 or more (-2 points)


Water Heater



What type of water heater do you have?

Tankless water heater (3 points)


Natural gas heater stored inside (2 points)


Natural gas stored outside (1 point)


Electric water heater stored inside (-1 point)


Electric water heater stored outside (-1 points)



What temperature is the water coming out of your tap?

A comfortable temperature – just hot enough.  Low setting on the heater contol(5 points)


Pretty hot – I have to add a little cold water.  Medium setting on the heater control.  (1 point)


Quite hot to scalding.  High temperature on the heater control  (-1 point)



At what water temperature do you wash your clothes?

Mostly Cold (5 points)


Mostly Warm (1 point)


Mostly Hot (-1 point)


How often do you wash large loads of laundry?

Mostly wash large loads (4 point)


Sometimes large, sometimes small (2 points)


Mostly small loads (-1 point)


How often do you dry your clothes using a clothesline?

Every possible chance (3 points)


Sometimes (1 point)


Never (0 points)



Does your home have any Energy Star certified appliances?

All of the major appliances (8 points)


Some appliances (5 points)


No Energy Star appliances (0 points)


How many of your appliances (TVs, radios, cell phone chargers, etc.) are plugged in to power strips?

Every appliance (2 points)


Some appliances (1 point)


No appliances (0 points)


Do you “kill” the “energy vampires” in your home by turning off power strips or unplugging vampire power users when you’re not using them?

I always kill energy vampires (2 points)



Sometimes I remember (1 point)



Never  (0 points)






Does your home recycle?  This includes paper, plastic, metal, etc.

We recycle everything possible (3 points)


We recycle some things (1 point)


We never recycle (-2 points)


Does your home compost?  This includes putting all or most organic waste (fruit, food, peels, lawn clippings, etc)in compost piles, bins or in city composting programs?

We compost everything possible (3 points)


We compost some things (1 point)


We never compost (-2 points)


We have no public composting program  (0 points)







Essay Question:

Do you or anyone in  your household believe that your stewardship or care for creation  can be demonstrated by reducing your carbon footprint?  Please explain.