Wild Root Market

Wild Root Market – Spreading the word

To the members of Green Congregations,

In the next phase of our efforts to ‘get the word out’ about the Wild Root Market, our mission, our plans, and our future, we are hoping to garner support and assistance in this process from the Green Congregations in town. We feel that the faith-based communities within Racine will be a wonderful asset to our mission and dream of making Wild Root Market a reality in the near future.

A little about Wild Root Market... A group of interested and concerned people are working toward opening a full-service grocery cooperative (a "co-op") in Racine which would provide quality, fresh food (locally grown, where possible).  The goals of the future Wild Root Market include promoting healthy, local food; championing sustainable agriculture (which does not destroy or deplete nature resources, pollute, etc.); supporting our community by being easily accessible to our residents; keeping our money in the local Racine economy; and offering good jobs with honest wages. Those interested in keeping informed about the progress and activities can add their email at www.wildrootmarket.com to receive newsletters and event announcements.  You can also find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/thewildrootmarket.

In regards to the method or manner in which we would be able to share our mission with the members of your congregations, we have four main formats in mind.  Please indicate which one would most conveniently and effectively help us get our message out to the members of your specific congregations.  Also, include any comments or suggestions as to other methods or possibilities not listed below.  We express our sincere gratitude in advance in helping us with this endeavor.

Our many thanks,


The Wild Root Market Steering Committee





From the Joys  (and responsibilities) of  Eating Locally by Patricia Allen-Unger

            Not only is food necessary for life itself, but its enjoyment is a source of comfort   and community in our daily lives.  How many of our holidays and festive gatherings center around the sharing of meals, prefaced by giving thanks to God for his nurturance of our bodies and souls?   God is gracious in his , and it is our responsibility as his children to be stewards of his creation; part of this is knowing where and how our food is grown. 


As farmer and poet Wendell Berry:“how we eat determines, to a considerable extent, how the world is used”






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Methods of communication about Wild Root Market, please circle the method/s below that would suit your specific congregation.


1.      Paragraph in church newsletters or bulletins

            Specific contact:


            Newsletter deadline:



2.      Table set up in narthex or fellowship halls on Sundays during coffee hour or greeting time to let people casually view our information and collect emails for those who are interested.        

            Specific contact: 


            Approximate time:



3.      3-5 minute presentation in the beginning of a church meeting or gathering to state our mission and then gather email addresses and interested people.

            Specific contact:


            Approximate time:



4.      Education hour (Sunday between services/mass)– 30 minute presentation with Q and A, which would include a short video, photos, and a power point presentation on our progress and future. 

            Specific Contact:


            Approximate time:



Other suggestions: 



Please email back at: 
or send to:
Camela Langendorf
4725 Chicory Lane
Racine, WI 53403