The Kenosha Green Congregation Program


The Kenosha Green Congregation Program has been working now for three years. We hold regular meetings and sponsor some special events. For more information, contact Polly Waara (St. Paul Lutheran) at or Trudy Farrell (Bradford Unitarian Universalist) at


On the Road to Kenosha Green Congregations by Polly Waara (December, 2011)

    Several weeks ago a handful of people representing three Kenosha churches met to discuss what our congregations are doing environmentally and how we can develop a network to share ideas.

    Our first course of action is to establish personal contacts with green representatives of the seven congregations that have expressed interest in environmental issues. When we visited the RGC meeting in October we were told of the advantage of one-to-one connections. We now have personal experience that email invitations alone yield limited results. We’ll not make that mistake again. If we work on our seven leads we can have a strong core upon which to build.

Bradford UU’s Green Sanctuary committee is active and shows what an individual congregation can do. They will be a great resource in helping other Kenosha congregations develop green teams. Trinity Lutheran had a green team that is in need of a renewed sense of purpose. Joining with other congregations should help reinvigorate their group. St. Paul’s has a few people interested in raising awareness of environmental issues and in making the church property more earth-friendly. They will try again to pull together a team after the holidays.

    At the meeting we agreed that we could benefit from guidance on getting started. We would greatly appreciate learning from the experience Racine has gleaned over the years. We hope someone from RGC might come to Kenosha in January to help us with two goals: 1) developing congregational interest in the environment and 2) developing an effective network of congregations to maintain momentum. The plan is to hold the meeting at St. Paul’s. If anyone is interested in helping us get rolling, let us know of a few possible dates and we’ll check the church calendar to reserve a space.


The Steering Committee of the Kenosha Green Congregation:

Present: Trudy Farrell (Bradford UU); Linda Fifarek (Bradford UU); Sue Schmidt-Decker (Lord of Life Lutheran Church); Polly Waara (St. Paul Lutheran Church); Ken and Anne Winkle (St. Mary Lutheran Church); David Rhoads (Racine Green Congregation).

The group decided to establish a Kenosha Green Congregation Program. They will recruit other churches to participate and set up dates to meet several times a year on Saturday morning at various places from 8:30 to 10:00.