Telescopes to Tanzania

Dear Partners in Ministry;

Last summer I took three telescopes to Africa when I visited Northern Tanzania as part of a mission delegation to Mt. Meru.  (see my article in the December 2010 Reflector magazine for more details).

Now, as I’ve continued to be in contact with the secondary schools that received the telescopes, they are requesting that I return to help them build their viewing skills, and share more information about astronomy, optics, color and light.

I plan on returning to Mt. Meru this coming October to do some teaching and sharing of additional resources at the original schools in Songoro, Ngarenanyuki, and Mulala.  I will also take additional telescopes to at least three new schools in Kikatiti, Nkoaranga, and Makumira.  I’ve received lot’s of print and poster resources from NASA, and I’m working with Astronomers Without Borders to plan ways of linking up with the growing astronomy community in Tanzania.

To help me prepare for this trip, I need your help.

 I’ve already had donations of Galileoscopes and eyepieces from Racine Astronomical Society members, and Astronomers Without Borders is sending me 3 lightweight camera tripods and 2 70mm Vixen scopes. 

I still need to obtain moon filters, astronomy manuals, optical lenses and additional teaching materials – plus cover some in-country travel expenses.  (I’m using airline travel miles for the flight to Africa)  If you can make a donation it will help me prepare for working with the students.


You may make a contribution directly to me, or if you prefer to make a tax deductable gift you can make checks out to Adoration Lutheran Church (3840 W. Edgerton Ave, Greenfield 53221) – please indicate Telescopes To Tanzania on the memo line.


Thanks for your support.



Pastor Chuck Ruehle