Resources for Celebrating the Season of Creation

What is the Season of Creation?
The Season of Creation is a four-week, optional season in the church year of the three-year common lectionary. It is designed to focus on God the Creator and domains of creation. It was first introduced in Australia and has since become popular throughout the world. The traditional church year focuses on the life of Jesus (Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, and Easter) and life in the Spirit (Pentecost). In the Season of Creation, we also lift up God as creator, Christ as redeemer of creation, and the Holy Spirit as the Sustainer of Life. The season is usually celebrated for four Sundays in September, but variations about when the four Sundays are celebrated and how many are observed each year is up to the local congregation. For more on the important reasons to celebrate the Season of Creation as well as suggestions for its use, click here.
Series A: September, 2011.
First Sunday in Creation: Forest Sunday
Second Sunday in Creation: Land Sunday
Third Sunday in Creation: Mountain Sunday
Fourth Sunday in Creation: River Sunday
Examples of how congregations have celebrated the season
St Andrew Lutheran Church: See how they plan to celebrate the Season of Creation.
Web sites: is a user friendly site that promotes care for creation worship throughout the year. It also has the various ways that the season of creation is being celebrated througout the world. This site has all you need to celebrate the season in your congregation--appointed lessons for each sunday, liturgies to download and adapt for your use, resources for preaching, theological foundations, and ideas for appointing the sanctuary. is the original Australian site that has many ideas and resources--suggested hymns, ideas for decorating the church, Bible studies, and suggested actions for each of the Sundays in the Season of Creation. has a section on the Season of Creation with sermons and other ideas
For Resources for Preaching and Bible Study in the Season of Creation and throughout the year, click here.
The Season of Creation: A Preaching Commentary, edited by Norman Habel, David Rhoads, and Paul Santmire (Fortress Press, 2011). This book has introductory matters includning an introduction to the Season of Creation
A Watered Garden: Christian Worship and Earth's Ecology by Ben Stewart (Fortress Press). This book is not about the Season of Creation. It is an excellent introduction to care for creation worship throughout the year. Inexpensive and accessible, this brief work can be used by study groups and worship committees to root themselves in care for creation.