Racine Green Congregation Projects

Youth Restoring Earth. 
This spring, 2011, three of our RGC congregations are participating in a movement called Green Energy Agents, designed for youth to sell energy reducing products to members of their congregation for use in their homes. Our Savior Lutheran Church youth presented their religious reasons for this project at Sunday worship on April, 3, in talks and skits, and will be selling products each Sunday through Lent. On a Sunday in May, Olympia Brown Unitarian Universalist Church and Saint Andrew Lutheran Church will be presenting at worship to their congregations. The Racine organization is called Youth Restoring Earth and is directed by Melissa Taylor. For more information, click on the Youth Restoring Earth category on the side bar of this site. Come join one of these congregations to support their efforts.
Transportation Month, June 2011:
The Racine Green Congregations will join together to observe Transportation Month. The Transportation Month Resources include: information on transpostation as an ecological issue, religious reflections, a Bible study outline, bulletin announcements for each week, and a form letter to be sent to elected representatives about sustainable transportation policy issues. More will be added to these resources as they become available.
Resurrection Lutheran Church observed transportation month with a lot of fun activities--bicycle displays, smart cars, energy saving tips, and more. Look here to track their month through a series of bulletin announcements: Transportation Month as Resurrection.
Neckties for Quilts
The Olympia brown Unitarian Universalist Church collects old ties, cuts them up, uses them to make quilts to distribute to the needy. For more information, contact Jeff Sytsma at Consider this project for Father's Day,  by Paula WaaraJune 19.
Green Christmas by Polly Waara
In the following section, we list and describe projects that have been undertaken by congregations in Racine to green our faith communities and the city of Racine. This section is under construction.
Meatless Mondays or Veggie Mondays (Spring/ Lent, 2011)
Racine Green Coingregations join in observing a discipline for six weeks in the late winter and early spring of 2011 or as a 2011 Lenten Discipline for those congregations observing Lent. The congregations will seek to enlist individuals and families to observe one day a week with a meatless meal, designed to reduce the carbon emissions that come from the raising of aniumals for food and also to contribute the money you save to a charity of your choice that works for the relief of hunger.
Click here for the full resources for obsering Meatless Mondays for six weeks: Introduction, prayers, recipes, facts about hunger.
Click here for the meatless recipes.
We invite others to contribute meatless recipes that we will post on the site. Please submit them electronically to David Rhoads at
Earth Sunday Celebration, 2011
Some of our congregations are observing Earth Sunday with worship and educational programs. To prepare for this, Christian communities can check out the resources for planning at the national Council of Churches site at Earthday falls on April 22. Good Friday (April 22) and Easter Sunday (April 24) may be occasions to celebrate earth. However, because Easter falls on April 24, many churches will be celebrating Earth Day Sunday the following week on May 1 or on May 8 to celebrate Mother Earth oon Mother's Day!!.
In the following section, we list and describe projects that have been undertaken by congregations in Racine to green our faith communities and the city of Racine. This section is under construction.
Carbon Fasting for Lent 
The United Church of Christ in Massachusetts is sponsoring an ecumenical carbon fast for Lent. If you sign up, you will receive each day via e-mail a suggested activity for reducing your carbon output. The sign up for 2011 was at:
Recycling Ink Cartridges
Some Racine congregations have recycling centers in their buildings with places for printer cartridges, cell phones, household batteries, CFL light bulbs, and other items. At the Oct. 9 meeting of the Green Congregations, was a request for information about ink cartridge recycling: Phone - 800.456.4320 You will receive all the information you need. You will receive an attractive collection container and when it is full, someone packs the cartridges up in a cardboard box, calls a Fed Ex. number, puts the stickers you have received on the box and the Fed Ex people will pick up the box –no cost to you—and a few days later, your church will receive a check.
Tree planting in Racine

Spearheaded eco-fair/ green festival in spring

Season of Creation

Community Gardens

WE Energies in Racine churches

Harvest festivals

Monthly emphases



NW Earth institute

Light bulbs

Food groups

Book studies