Resurrection Lutheran Report Fall 2010

Lutheran Church of the Resurrection

322 Ohio Street

Racine, Wisconsin 53405


Contact person: Marilyn Kiemen

Committee members:

Through our membership in the Racine Green Congregation Program, we are studying the Caring for Creation guidelines. This is an overview of some of our projects to date. We have organized them according to the sections in the Green Congregation Training Manual.


·         Seasons of Creation sermons in spring.

·         Earth Day Celebrations.

·         Blessing of the Animals.

·         Outdoor church services during the summer

·         Special prayers


·         Study of the ELCA Social Statement entitled “Sufficient, Sustainable Livelihood for All” in our Adult Educational Forum

·         Adult Educational Forums using the Northwest Earth Institute Book entitled Voluntary Simplicity

·         Adult Educational Forums on Sunday on the following topics:

o   The Root Pike Watershed Initiative Network by Allison Werner

o   Rain garden presentation from Foot Pike WIN

o   Fair trade coffee by Mt. Meru representatives

o   Invasive Species by Melissa Werner

o   Racine’s Root River Environmental Education Center by Professor Lehner of UW-P

o   Habitat Re-Store (Habitat for Humanity) Presentation

·         Resources in our Church Library

Buildings and Grounds:

·         Energy audit by WE Energies and followed through with recommendations

·         Changed lighting/light bulbs to Energy Star approved

·         Updated Windows

·         Use all green products for cleaning in our floors, windows, soap in public bathrooms, etc.

·         Comprehensive recycling program using blue baskets, etc.

·         Used eco friendly building materials and furnishings in our renovated youth room

·         Decreased mowing of back property

Discipleship at Home and Work:

·         Sunday Adult Forums on energy related topics

·         Sold recycled bags with our church logo for people to use for shopping

·         One member established a demonstration rain garden on her property

·         Reading materials such as books from the Northwest Earth Institute available in our church library

Public Ministry and Political Advocacy:

·         Racine Interfaith Coalition member

·         HALO room renovation by church members using recycled furniture and low VOC paint

·         Fresh Fruit for HALO program with “Eat Right Racine”

·         Forums with political candidates

·         Participation in St. Patrick’s and Racine Our Savior’s Community Meals

·         Collection of clothing for Lutheran Vocational Ministry

·         Public Forums at our church, such as the Racine Interfaith Coalition meeting on translortation

·         Participated in Gateway’s Eco-Fair last spring with our green bags instead of plastic bags for shopping project.