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Bulletin/Newsletter Items

We find it very helpful to put items in the newsletters and bulletins of the congregation as a means to inform members about the importance of greening their congregational and personal practices that affect the environmental state of the world. These blurbs can include relevant Bible verses, green tips for Earth-friendly living, reflections on ecological justice, the faith bases for Earth care, and devotional helps.

The items also keep before the congregation the importance of this issue, the need for action, and the commitment of the congregation to Earth care.

Just give the whole set of items to the person preparing bulletins and newsletters and ask that person to include them on a regular basis. One church puts a cluster of such items in each newsletter, such a Bible verse, an excerpt from their denominational social statement, and a green tip. You might also put a brief account each week of something you congregationa is doing to care for Earth.

Follow these links to find useful items to put in your church bulletin or newsletter.

Berge's Corner: these are brief environmental reflections by John Berge for Mt. Pleasant Lutheran Church in Racine, WI. John is a long time environmentalist who is happy to share these items with you for your church bulletin or newsletter.

Short Environmental Tips: Put one of these in the bulletin or newsletter each week.

Amazing Facts about the Environment

Bible Verses: Here is a listing of fifty-two Bible verses on creation, our relationship with the Earth, and the Creator. The verses listed here are from the New Revised Standard Version. They may be used weekly within your congregation's bulletin along with an environmental living tip or perhaps with announcements from your creation care group.  They are listed in order.

Personal Covenant with Creation: Put the whole covenant as a bulletin insert at a special service on care for creation. Or rework the items in the covenant and offer them separately in the bulletin or newsletter as a challenge people to adopt them for their home or work. Or post them on a bulletin board.

Congregational Covenant with Creation: Turn these items into points in the bulletin or newsletter in order to show what your congregation already does or what you hope to do to care for creation. Or post it on a bulletin board.  

Stewardship of Creation: A Thirty-Day Discipline (Download): Copy and distribute all the items as a devotional for Advent or Lent. Or take one devotional at a time and put it in the newsletter or as an insert in the bulleting for the week.

Your Denominational Social Statement: Find your social statement at www.webofcreation.org and make it available for members to read and study. Or break it up into small units for publication in the bulletin or newsletter, one excerpt at a time. For an example, see the list of excerpts from the Social Statement Caring for Creation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).