GEA Mission Statement


GEA Mission:

Engage youth in teaching energy efficiency within their faith-based communities through a fund-raising enterprise based on energy saving products.


Green Energy Agents (GEA) program combines education about energy efficiency and environmental stewardship with a fund-raising community outreach opportunity:



·        By training youth groups and their leaders in core energy efficiency practices and environmental stewardship principles to share with their family and faith community.


·        By providing a way that environmental stewardship and home energy efficiency can be connected and shared inter-generationally.


·        By helping develop young adult leadership, communication and job skills.


·        By sharing the profits from the sale of energy efficiency products for the home with faith‐based youth organizations that participate.


·        By galvanizing and energizing faith‐based youth through social media and online training tools; connecting them through these platforms with other faith communities around the country that are involved in the care of God’s creation.


Green Energy Agents Overview:

How do we create a community-scale approach to engaging homeowners in the benefits of energy efficiency?


How do we offer the millions of young people who care about the planet a way to make a difference in their communities?


We created the Green Energy Agents (GEA) program to address these challenges.


GEA offers a business model that gives young people:


·        a way to raise money to support their youth group, church/temple, or good works activities

·        a learning and outreach opportunity to engage their community in messages of environmental stewardship and home energy efficiency

·        practical green job exposure


GEA offers youth organizations in churches and temples a fund-raising opportunity by selling energy efficiency products to their church and temple members. The young people participating in GEA are also teaching their communities about energy efficiency and care for creation. These activities will help to create awareness and adoption of energy efficiency solutions in homes around the country. GEA engages young people in their communities while giving them a way to practice basic job skills and earn money for their member organizations.


GEA builds on the common ground that exists between the faith-based community and the environmental community with regard to stewardship of our precious natural resources through energy efficiency. GEA engages youth groups and builds on the environmental messaging from organizations like:


·        Interfaith Power and Light program

·        Evangelical Environmental Network

·        Coalition on the Environment & Jewish Life (COEJL)

·        Christians and Climate

·        Faith in Place

·        Enviro Justice

·        Earth Ministry

·        Shared Earth Network

·        Restoring Eden



GEA is a way to scale energy efficiency awareness and activities across the country, and engage youth groups in community outreach, environmental stewardship and provide an introduction to green job opportunities.