First Presbyterian Report

At First Presbyterian we are recycling paper; the big blue bin in the office collects a lot of paper and was quite full the last time I saw it.  We bought three baskets a couple months ago and use them to collect bulletins after worship services and/or programs after concerts or other activities.  Thus far we have not gotten farther in our recycling efforts, although I hope the youth explore the ink cartridge potential.


We did add a nice perennial garden near out south entrance last summer, replacing some plantings that were added after the last big renovation in the '90's.  There are plans / hopes to do something with the "front yard" after the Seventh St. work is completed.  
Update 4/12/11: The latest venture at First Presbyterian in being "greener" is our ink cartridge recycling project being headed by our high school age members.  This is just starting and we hope it will be successful.  


Moreau MacCaughey