Web of Creation

Web of Creation


What We Do

The Web of Creation was established to foster the movement for personal and social transformation to a just and sustainable world from religious perspectives. To that end, the information at this site will:

    connect you with ideas, resources and strategies for doing eco-justice

    inform, inspire, encourage, educate you about eco-justice

    support you in your efforts to live, work and pray in ways that promote eco-justice

The Web of Creation has also been developed to provide information and connections for theology students interested in environmental ministry.

Our Philosophy

We define eco-justice as any effort that promotes ecological integrity with social justice as a central focus of religious understanding. The Web of Creation subscribes to basic norms of eco-justice ethics including

    community life that is celebrative, cares for all creation, and uses appropriate technology

    sufficiency of production-consumption as an alternative to materialism

    fair participation in social policy decision- participatory democracy

    private and public choices that allow the Earth to be ecologically sustainable

Who We Are

The Web of Creation is maintained by the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago and is supported through grant funding, sponsorship and endorsement from a variety of faith-based sources.