Lutherans Restoring Creation

Lutherans Restoring Creation

Lutherans Restoring Creation (LRC) is an exciting new initiative designed to encourage the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) to incorporate care for creation into its full life and mission at all levels.

LRC is inviting ELCA members to become partners in these efforts at the congregational, synodical, seminary, and national church levels.


Our goal is to incorporate a caring for creation ethic more fully into ELCA worship, educational programs, responsibility for buildings and grounds, lifestyle of members at home and work, and our public ministry, such that “earthkeeping” and justice for the whole Earth community becomes integral to the identity and purpose of our church. We believe that God calls us to this work, in this kairos moment of both crisis and opportunity.


At this time, Lutherans Restoring Creation is guided by a Steering Committee comprised of Alycia Ashburn, Pat Benson, Christine McNeal, Mary Minette, Keith Mundy, Mark Peters, David Rhoads, Russ Senti, and Kim Winchell, with other committed persons serving as consultants.


Lutherans Restoring Creation is supported by a grant from the Lutheran Community Foundation, a faith-based community foundation working nationally to help people give where they find their strongest connections.