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Racine Green Congregations is an interfaith group of congregations and fellowships in Racine, WI. We believe that environmental awareness and action are religious matters. To date, we include Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, Buddhist, and Unitarian Universalist congregations. Many of our churches have Green Teams to create and implement action plans in five areas: worship, education, building and grounds, lifestyle at home and work, and public witness. We welcome all who wish to join in this effort. Contact Betty Brenneman at e_bren@sbcglobal.net or David Rhoads at drhoads@lstc.edu.

Statement of purpose: Racine Green Congregations is an interfaith association of religious congregations and faith-based organizations committed to ecological justice and to promoting sustainable living in our congregations, our homes, our community, and our world.

How it works: We meet three times annually for a gathering in which we report what is happening in our congregations, experience an educational presentation relevant to our congregations and the community of Racine, and plan for special events. Each participating community has a contact person who gives leadership in their congregation and who networks with people to attend meetings. We rotate the location of the meetings among participating groups and take turns offering devotions.

Projects in Common: Recently, we have begun to agree to do projects in common: Meatless Mondays; Earth Sunday Celebrations; and Transportation Month. Each congregation decides if they wish to participate by fostering the activity in their faith community.


Facilitators: Betty Brenneman: e_bren@sbcglobal.net ; David Rhoads:  drhoads@lstc.edu  262-633-5438; Marilyn Kiemen  jmkiemen@milwpc.com

Steering Committee: Betty Brenneman, Bob Brenneman, Adele Helmle, Marilyn Kiemen, Joe Kiemen, Lynne Leithleiter, David Rhoads, and Jeff Sytsma.

Webmaster: Jeff Sytsma:  jeff12759@aol.com

Participating organizations:


The Original Root River Zen Center

Roman Catholic

The Eco-Justice Center

The Hopes Center

Saint Edwards Roman Catholic Church

Saint Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church


Emmanuel Lutheran Church

Emmaus Lutheran Church

Gethsemane Lutheran Church

Holy Communion Lutheran Church

Mount Pleasant Lutheran Church

Resurrection Lutheran Church

Saint Andrew Lutheran Church


Christ United Methodist Church

Franklin United Methodist Church

Trinity United Methodist Church


Covenant Presbyterian Church

First Presbyterian Church

Unitarian Universalist

Olympia Brown Unitarian Universalist Church

Join Us: If you would like to attend the RGC meetings and/or get your congregation or organization involved, please notify Betty Brenneman (e_bren@sbcglobal.net) or simply show up for one of our meetings. We will be eager to welcome you.

History:  Racine Green Congregations (RGC) began with a Green Congregation Training Workshop at St. Andrew Lutheran Church in 2002 led by David Rhoads. At first, the number of congregations and organizations was small. Participation has now grown significantly. Some participating congregations are very active in greening their congregations. Others are marginally active but retain contact persons who come to meetings and keep abreast of developments. RGC provides inspiration, energy, and ideas by mutually supporting each other and sharing projects and programs. We are eager to learn what else is happening in an effort to create a sustainable Racine and to support these efforts. We also have sponsored some activities for the Racine community, such as an annual eco-fair during Earth Week.

Beginning a Green Congregation Program in other locations. If you would like to start such a program in your community, feel free to contact us. The Green Congregation Program is at www.webofcreation.org. There are several manuals and many resources there for transforming your congregation in worship, education, building and grounds, discipleship at home and work, and public witness. If we can be of assistance, contact us at the e-mails listed above.

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